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Multivac R515





Year Built:


This used Multivac R515 Thermoformer is built in 2014. The machine has a film width of 620mm and there is a dye set on the machine with an exit of 400mm. The format is now divided in a 5.1 format. The machine is equipped with 2 formats. These formats can be used for Soft Folie packaging. The format does not have a stamp. The frame of the machine is currently 7550mm long, but we can always adjust this to the dimension you need.

Machine details

  • Type under foil unwinding: 76mm Core.
  • Type top foil unwinding: 76mm core.
  • The machine has 1 QRP cut.
  • The machine is equipped with a Cassette Undercut length cutting.
  • For the process the residual foil is a Trim Bin on this machine.
  • The products come from the machine on a Modulair belt.

Other features of the machine
  • Vacum option
  • Gas flushing
  • Boosterpump
  • Coarse and fine system

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